Payment Orchestration for forward-thinking businesses

A solution that streamlines all aspects of your
payment stack into one, consolidated, and
customizable platform. Save time, money, and ensure the best approval rates with the ZOOZ orchestration platform.

Flexible routing engine to maximize your payment performance. Read More
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approval rates
A set of tools to maximize payment performance Read More
Streamline processes with unified tokenization across all your providers. Read More
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Advanced reporting & analytics
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Every company who wants to optimize their payments-journey will benefit from ZOOZ

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A Comprehensive,
All-Encompassing API

Thanks to our powerful API, you gain full control over all aspects of your payment stack— whether you need to manage your ​payments​ or your account​ , generate ​reports ​, run​ analysis​, or simply ​Audit​—our API has got you covered from start to finish.

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Create an Authentication
Create a Payment
Perform a Risk Analysis
Create a Token
Create an Authentication
Create a Payment
Perform a Risk Analysis
Create a Token
Lightning-Speed Connectivity
and Onboarding

Whether you want to add PSPs, users or create custom flows and routing logic – all actions are designed to require no more than several mouse-clicks.

Your Payments, Your Rules.

We believe businesses should OWN their payment process. That’s why our orchestration platform gives you full, hands-on control over the entire lifecycle of your payments.

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A Full Suite of Features for Ultimate Optimization & Payment Performance
Payment decisions shouldn't be made arbitrarily- that’s why you need solution-features that are the result of more than a decade of aggregated experience.

ZOOZ’s orchestration layer supports merchants by providing them advanced tools to route their payments (~​150 routing options), ​A/B test their providers​, and enhance their performance with ​smart reporting​. We subsequently enable businesses to transform their payment data into strategic decisions and to increase their revenue, and minimize their operational costs in the process.

Driven Solution
With so many acquirers, payment methods and providers out there, it’s hard to know which players will serve ​your​ payments best.

Thanks to clear, ​KPI-driven analytics​, ZOOZ gives you all the information you need to optimize your payments. Armed with that knowledge you can then decide how to shape you stack to optimize your payments even further.

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