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A Pioneering force in payment management and optimization

A decade ago, ZOOZ’s founders resolved to create a solution which will lead the payment management sphere and help businesses optimize and simplify their payment operation in a complex ecosystem. Today, ZOOZ has become a leading solution which offers companies an unbiased, top-of-the-line payment technology to connect, manage and optimize their payments by their actual performance.

We’re in good company
An independent solution, supported by a strong back. Acquired by PayU in 2018, ZOOZ has joined the solid base of the Naspers organization, while still retaining its agnostic nature.

Every time you use a Gett ride or book a flight online, there’s a chance you’re using our product. ZOOZ is a payment orchestration layer that helps companies optimize their payments, and allow the customers to enjoy a fluid payment experience.

Our unique company culture empowers our employees to get out of their comfort zone and learn and explore new grounds in the process. We’re serious about our work, but we still leave room for fun and socializing. We’re all about a work-life balance.

While ZOOZ and the ZOOZ product, are pretty much independent entities, its employees and product have a strong back supported by PayU and Naspers. This also brings fruitful collaboration on a global scale, which includes colleagues from
co-workers located in different locations around the globe: LATAM, South Africa, Romania, Poland, and India to name a few.

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