Advanced Data Analysis

All your analytics,
one centralized dashboard.

ZOOZ gives you access to an easy to use, real-time, and consolidated analytics dashboard that delivers in-depth insights on your entire operations. More sophisticated analytics means you’ll be better able to optimize your payments and understand which areas need to be focused on to increase revenue.  Reporting becomes far more powerful as well, with added capabilities to create cross provider reports based on business needs, compare payment service provider performance, segment transaction reporting by business unit, and use more detailed data sets to build custom reports!

Schedule, extract, analyze, implement
Schedule, extract, analyze, implement

Fragmented payment infrastructures make it extremely difficult or impossible to extract quality insights. There’s no way for businesses  to see the bigger picture or understand what areas require optimization without a well-oiled data extraction machine.  What’s more, fragmentation makes reporting far more cumbersome as payment teams are forced to jump between multiple platforms to collect data and generate reports.

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