A flexible solution designed for an ever-changing market

The complexity of online payments is constantly evolving, and with new regulation and market requirements, as well as global and local shifts in preferences, merchants often need to have the option to change their stacks on-the-fly — a requirement that can only be answered with a solution that is both adaptable and dynamic.

The ability to change and customize a payment
stack is key in optimizing payments and adjusting them according to merchant-specific business needs.
That means that merchants can scale their stacks up or down according to their requirements today, tomorrow or in the years to come.


An unbiased, performance-driven gateway that serves your business needs

Optimization is hard to do when you’re obligated to use specific providers. With payments, you need the flexibility to route payments to providers based on performance and on your business’s unique blend of card nationalities, BIN numbers, and payment methods.


A straightforward, UI-centric solution designed for payment teams

We designed the ZOOZ solution to simplify the most complex of payment setups. Its management features allow you to easily assume control thanks to a straightforward, accessible interface, one that can be controlled without any knowledge of code.  The system’s intuitive nature allows for easy payment analysis and configuration, as well as quick onboarding of new team members and role handover.

Performance -driven

A data-based solution that drives smart routing decisions

Routing decisions shouldn’t be made arbitrarily — that’s why the ZOOZ decision engine provides data based on years of aggregation and benchmarking, which assist merchants in making decisions backed by data.  Thanks to clear, KPI-driven analytics, ZOOZ gives you all the information you need to optimize your payments.

Optimization relies heavily on the small adjustments that merchants should be constantly making to increase their profit margins. Merchants wish to maximize their payments’ performance in generating the highest output while investing the least effort. In the payment world, optimization becomes an essential key for growth and for maximizing a business’s ROI.

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