Our Latest Product Features

What’s New?

At ZOOZ, we continuously strive to improve our products and enhance our offerings. The key is flexibility, variability, and optimization— and these three components go hand in hand to perfect payment stacks and optimize their performance. Here’s a quick recap of our latest feature upgrades: 

New Product Features 

New product features to extend your business possibilities. The latest  additions include: 

Webhook additions

Merchants are now able to resend the latest webhook-events for payments. This feature is paramount to making sure your system is up-to-date, regardless of communication stability.  Learn more about webhooks here.

New Routing engine capabilities

Our smart routing engine is continuously enriched with new options for payment routing. Routing rules can then be adjusted to suit various business needs, changed in a heartbeat, and reflect the results almost instantly:  

  1. Alternative Payment Method (APM) routing— many merchants wish to increase their offering with new payment methods. APMs (Alternative (i.e., non-card) Payment Methods) have become a popular way to pay online. Merchants are now able to maximize the performance of such payments via the ZOOZ orchestration platform, with new routing options according to specific APMs. Please note that the rule’s target provider will need to support the alternative payment method you’ve selected.
  2. Card type: Routing according to card type is now also available via our orchestration platform. 
  3. 3DS based routing options: merchants can now route transactions based on 3DS specific conditions

Secure Fields Version 3 

What are secure fields?

Secure Fields enable merchants to collect user card information. 

PaymentsOS’s secure fields generate the card details input fields and handle the logic of grabbing card information submitted by the user. Behind the scenes, the system encrypts the card details and generates a token for the merchant’s usage. 

What’s new in version 3 

The secure fields functionality allows merchants to create a form within their checkout page to collect a user’s card information. The latest version gives far better control over styling than its predecessor, as well as validation of user input and more. 

New styling features include: 

  • Styling based on input validation: complete, invalid, empty 
  • Styling based on the state of an element: hover, focus, disabled
  • The ability to apply custom classes to the field wrapper <div> based on input state: complete, empty, focus, invalid  

For more information regarding PaymentOS’s secure fields and a full overview of its features,  please check our Documentation.