What is a Payment Orchestration Platform?

ZOOZ is a payment orchestration solution, and as such, it functions as a payment gateway that facilitates communication between multiple payment providers and processes payments in the most efficient way possible. In addition to connectivity, orchestration platforms offer a multitude of options to route and optimize payments, to help businesses overcome low approval rates when expanding globally.

What’s the story behind ZOOZ?

ZOOZ was founded in 2010 by CEO Oren Levi and CTO Ronen Morecki. ZOOZ was acquired by PayU in 2018. Today ZOOZ  continues to develop its payment orchestration platform under the PayU and Naspers umbrella, while still retaining its agnostic nature. ZOOZ is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Can I try your solution?

Absolutely! You can open a free demo account and try our solution and smart routing engine for yourself. Once you are ready to go live, just switch the mode at the top of the page from test to live, and from there you can start the real magic of payment optimization. 


Accepting Payments
Can we use ZOOZ as a white-label solution?

White-labelling our solution is not standard practice, but there are exceptions. Possible collaborations of that nature exist via our mother company, PayU. Inquiries on that matter can be made via


Can ZOOZ act as a Merchant of Record?

ZOOZ is a payment gateway and as such, it can only act as a facilitator.

Do you offer a POS (Point of Sale for physical processing) /offline payments support?

Our solution is currently only applicable for online payments. 

Do you support split payments?

ZOOZ channels payments to payment providers, and therefore can transfer such request. Whether such actions can be performed depends on the target provider.

Does ZOOZ support chargebacks?

ZOOZ acts as a technical gate, and as such, it is not part of the chargeback flows, which is handled by the acquirers.

Do you offer a settlement solution or is it received from the PSPs?

Currently, our customers receive settlements directly from the PSPs. We would mention though, that a single settlement reporting via the ZOOZ platform is underway. The actual settlement will still remain at the providers’ end though.

How can ZOOZ help me to optimize my payments?

ZOOZ stands out in the payment optimization sphere both in its decision engine abilities and in the simplicity of setting up routing-rules, managing payments and extracting data. Added benefits are our Instant Retry tool, which has no parallel in the gateway sphere. 


What is the Instant Retry feature?

Instant retry in a unique optimization tool that allows you to set a second retry for soft-declined transactions. In the case that a payment fails, you can decide according to which parameters it will be re-tried (e.g. according to specific error-codes, providers, etc). Once set, transactions are then automatically sent for retry, thus increasing your overall approval rate exponantially. Instant Retry saved our customers $16.6M in 2019.

Can I A/B test my providers?

Yes, definitely! ZOOZ allows you to create multiple A/B scenarios to test your routing rules, providers and payment flows. We urge you to open a free demo account and try the different possibilities for yourself.

How long will it take me to finalize integration with ZOOZ?

Integration is dependent on the complexity of your payment stack and can take anywhere from 14-60 days to complete.

Is a Local Entity Required to connect to your platform?


What support do you provide when it comes to the contracting and onboarding of acquirers and PSPs via your platform?

Contracts and PSP-related commercials are performed separately from ZOOZ. The onboarding of acquirers to your account once the commercials process is concluded is as easy as putting their credentials in. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that our Customer Success department will assist in every step of the configuration process.

How is my data being consolidated?

Payment providers defer in the ways in which they tag information, and that includes many variations of error codes and different forms of tokenization. After years of accumulated information, we’ve managed to consolidate a variety of tagging systems and categorize them within one set of terminology, to ease data extraction and level the different terminology of the various providers.

How does the ZOOZ universal token system work?

ZOOZ tokenizes each card according to the system’s mechanism and sends the full credit card number to the payment providers. This way, ZOOZ’s token vault is independent of that of the different providers and eliminates provider-lock which is prevalent when businesses wish to leave certain providers. 

Payment Providers
What payment methods and providers do you support?

ZOOZ supports multiple payment methods and providers. ZOOZ is directly connected to the following payment providers. We also support additional payment methods via our mother company, PayU. 

Fraud Prevention
Does ZOOZ provide fraud protection?

ZOOZ uses Feedzai’s risk engine as its fraud tool.  ZOOZ merchants are also welcome to use the Blocking tool, to block transactions according to various parameters e.g. country, issuer, IP address, and more.

Is ZOOZ PCI 1 compliant?

ZOOZ is indeed compliant with the highest standards of PCI certification. For more information please visit our compliance page. 

Is ZOOZ 3DS 2 compliant?

Yes. ZOOZ indeed supports 3DS 2  flows as a gateway. For more information please visit our compliance page. 

What is your pricing model? How is pricing calculated?

Our basic pricing model is based on a monthly fee (according to your plan of choice) + fee for API calls or Transactions  associated with each transaction. On average, each transaction generates between 1-4 API calls. Enterprise pricing is based on a set fee for each transaction and is volume-dependent. 


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